Holubar begins operations informally in the basement of their home in Boulder, Colorado, selling army surplus items to outdoor enthusiasts in the area.

Thanks to an order received from the Arctic Institute of North America, Alice and Roy Holubar buy a business license and start operations officially as Holubar Mountaineering, renting a workshop at 1215 Grandview Avenue, in Boulder.

Holubar starts using nylon, at the time a revolutionary material, for its range of clothing and sleeping bags. With a pioneering approach, nylon is also used in combination with down filling. Holubar is the originator of the Mountain Parka, one of the most popular garments ever in North America, then used by many brands, big and small.

Roy Holubar is named Vice President of the Colorado Mountain Club.

Holubar publishes a mail-order catalog with 143 products, including down parkas, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks. The catalog is distributed in tens of thousands of copies in 12 States.

Holubar is appointed by the Alpine Rescue Team to supply them with technical equipment, jackets and sleeping bags.

Starting from the store in Boulder, Holubar develops a chain of retail mono-brand stores in Colorado, Arizona, California, Utah, Minnesota and New York.

Holubar launches a mail-order business selling kits for the 'do-it-yourself' manufacture of garments, called 'Holubar Kits' allowing clients to save 30% on the store prices.

Gradually Holubar becomes one of America's leading manufacturers of outerwear for the general public.

The brand is relaunched internationally focusing on premium quality outdoor clothing for every-day use.

Holubar is distributed through 500 stores in Europe, Asia and North-America.